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WSim / Worldsens simulator

A software-driven simulator for full platform estimations and debug


System requirements

Before compiling WSim make sure the following software packages are installed on your system:

Downloading WSim source code

Check out the very latest WSim source code from the SVN repository by typing the following command:

$  svn checkout svn://

Compiling WSim

After checking out the SVN repository, move to the ./wsim/ directory and type the following commands:

$  ./bootstrap
$  ./configure

The main configure options are (type ./configure --help for a more complete list):

To compile the WSim source code, type the following command:

$  make

Platform specific simulators are compiled in their own platform/xxx directory

To install executable files, enter the following command (with root privileges):

$  make install

You can add the WSim install directory in the search path by adding the following entries in ~/.bashrc:

export PATH

Remark: follow the same procedure if you need to install WConsole, WTracer, or WSNet. There source codes are included in WSim repository (in ./wsim/utils/ directory)

Compiling WSim

Once WSim is compiled please jump to the Tutorial section of the website.