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WSim / Worldsens simulator

A software-driven simulator for full platform estimations and debug

Models / API

The models included in the WSim distribution are the following:

Models Versions
Micro Controllers Ti MSP430
  • models: f135; f149; f449; f1611; f1612; f2212 ; f2213; f2274
  • peripherals: basic_clock; fll_clock; timerA; timerB; basic_timer; watchdog; usart/uart+spi; uscia/uart+spi; uscib/spi; DMA; flash controller; adc10 ; adc12
Atmel ATMega
  • (ongoing work)
Flash Memories STM M25Pxx. Atmel ATD45xx
Wireless Chipsets Chipcon / Ti CC1100; CC1101; CC2500; CC2420
Others Maxim serial ID DS2411;
Maxim Themperature sensor DS1722;
Leds; Bargraphs;
7 segments modules;
LCD display (hd44780; gdm1602)
MSP based Platforms CITI/INRIA WSN430v1;
WSN430 v13b (Senslab nodes with CC1100);
WSN430 v14 (Senslab nodes with CC2420);
Berkeley Telosb; Tmote sky
CSEM Wisenodes;
ICL BSN nodes;
Ti eZ430 usb key;
Ti ez430-RF2500 usb key;
ATMega based platforms Berkeley MicaZ;
Berkeley Mica2
Radio WSNet wireless network simulation interface
Analog ADC interface file