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WSim / Worldsens simulator

A software-driven simulator for full platform estimations and debug

WSim Projects and Plans

Here is a list of projects and todo items for WSim. If you feel like implementing or helping us please feel free to contact us !

Estimation Status Description
1 day done Add mode to slow down simulation to meet realtime mode.
1 day done Improve WSNet1 configuration and information tracing output.
1 day done Upgrade drivers and examples to newer version of MspGCC4.
1 day done Update packet logger to output pcap file format (used for 802.15.4).
2 days 15% Move source code building system from autoconf/automake to Cmake.
2 days Build binary packages for Linux and Windows using the Cmake system and Cpack.
2 days Build a test infrastructure around WSim using Ctest.
2 days Write a python wrapper around WSim per-platforms executables.
2 days Work on WSim documentation and produce a standalone documentation.
4 days 40% Add MSP430 adc10 model to the msp430 block library.
4 days Refactor MSP430 fetch/decode/execute simulation loop to use tables of function pointers.
5 days Work on a more sophisticated information logging module with flags instead of debug levels.
1 week Add MSPX instruction set to MSP430 MCU
1 week Merge libetrace from eSimu in WSim and build test cases for unit and regression testing.
1 week Add tsl2550 peripheral model for Senslab platforms.
1 week done Add ds1722 peripheral model for Senslab platforms.
1 week Implement I2C on USART for MSP430 micro-controllers.
2 weeks 5% MSP430 refactoring and 20 bits support for pointers and address.
2 weeks Write unit tests for msp430 MCUs and peripherals.
2 weeks Write unit tests for Atmel MCUs and peripherals.
2 weeks Benchmark and test the ez430RF2500 platform and build and energy profile for WSim/eSimu.
3 weeks Add a SD Card peripheral model with optional host filesystem access.
> 3 weeks Add MCU peripherals to Atmel MCU-alu to target Arduino boards.
1 month done Add Msp430x2xx family for ez430-rf2500 platform.
1 month Add Atmel 802.15.4 wireless chipsets.
2 months Include libQEmu ARM model in WSim to target Kortex M3 models in WSim.
3 months Build a GUI around WSim / WSNet.
3 months Add a mixed simulation mode on top of WSim / WSNet. This mode would allow n WSNet nodes to run with m WSim emulated nodes.