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WSim / Worldsens simulator

A software-driven simulator for full platform estimations and debug


Tutorials Description Download
WSim tutorial How to start and use WSim with the WSN430 platform ?
EU-Wasp WSim tutorial ICL BSN2 nodes for the Wasp project
Msp430 ADC12 How to use the Ti-MSP430 adc12 in simulation.
TinyOS 2.1 on TelosB nodes How to use WSim with TinyOS and TelosB nodes.
Using WSim and WSnet full featured How to use WSim with the full featured WSNet simulator.
Using the --monitor and --modify options How to interact with your program.
Performance and energy estimation using eSimu How to profile your source code.
Journées IP/Capteurs Utilisation de WSim/WSnet avec Contiki et 6LoWPAN.