Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Syntax

1. Introduction

The --modify option can be used to modify initialisation values for global variables. These variables are the ones that are declared as

        int my_global = 2; 

During the initialization phase, on boot, the GCC runtime copies values from the .text segment to the .data segment. The modification proposed here is to change the value upon the first write to the memory variable address in the program data section.

This modification scheme is a modification on first write on a memory address. If the variable is used as a global node ID or for application parameters.

2. Syntax


  • arg1 is a variable name or a memory address (0xabcd for instance) If the argument is an address then a second argument must be given to determine the size of the memory region to modify on the first write.
  • value is the value that will be writen by the memory monitor in WSim.

[Note]Variable names

Variable names are case sensitive.